75 years of Independent Rx Pharmacy experience, our specialty pharmacy has been delivering personalized medicine for our Ohio community.

At the compounding Lab we have been serving patients for over 75 years. What started as a retail pharmacy in Tipp City, Ohio has grown into a full compounding lab in Huber Heights, Ohio.

The intersection of art + science by people who care.

Robyn Crow Lead Pharmacist image at a compounding pharmacy.

Robyn Crow | Lead Pharmacist

Lacey Compounding technician image at a compounding pharmacy.

Lacey | Compounding Technician

Mark delivery man image at a compounding pharmacy.

Mark | Delivery

Rachelle compounding technician image at a compounding pharmacy.

Rachelle | Compounding Technician

Sena compounding technician image at a compounding pharmacy.

Sena | Compounding Technician

Jamie | Compounding Technician

Megan | Compounding Technician

A compounding pharmacy with 75 years of experience in personalized medicine located in Dayton, Ohio.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Preparing personalized medications for patients which meet your unique needs. Combining elements in just the right dosage and strength; and provided to you in a format that makes it easy for you to take.

"Clark’s is top-of-the-line for quality ingredients and precision compounding. The service is unsurpassed. I appreciate Robyn’s ready availability to discuss patient care." -D. Nash MD

"I appreciate the special accommodations made for my clients with food sensitivities (removing corn, gluten, soy, dairy when needed)."
- Alison Dunaway RDN, CLT
First Food Nutrition"

"Thanks for your great customer service and impressive delivery speed!" - G.A.