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Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medications.

What is a compounding pharmacy graphic arrow image.

That means specific ingredients are used to make a prescription specialized just for you.


That might mean making it in a dosage form that doesn’t already exist or taking out ingredients that can cause specific reactions.

What is a compounding pharmacy graphic arrow image.

We want to talk to you and get your feedback to know specifically what we can do for you. Compounding is thinking outside the box to make the best dosage form we can just for you.

What is a compounding pharmacy graphic arrow image.

History of compounding

At one time, nearly all prescriptions were compounded. With the advent of mass drug manufacturing in the 50’s and 60’s, compounding rapidly declined. However, the need for personalized medicine never really went away. Today, we recognize the importance of custom made medications and the significance of providing customized solutions to meet our patients’ individual needs.

What is a compounding pharmacy graphic arrow image.

Do compounded medications require FDA approval?

The FDA approval process is intended for mass-produced drugs made by manufacturers. Because compounded medications are personalized for individual patients, the federal government has approved the use of compounded medications for an individual patient receiving an individual prescription from an individual prescriber. The chemicals used in the compounding progress must come from an FDA-registered facility and already have another dosage form approved by the FDA or contain a USP or NF monograph.

Does my prescriber know about compounding?

Prescription compounding is a rapidly growing component of many physician’s practices, but some may not realize the full extent of the benefits that compounding can provide. Ask your provider about compounding or feel free to give us a call and we can help you get in touch with a provider dedicated to providing individual customized solutions for you. We believe through the triad relationship of the patient, prescriber and pharmacist, we can work together to solve unique problems.

What are the benefits of compounding?
We are able to compound...

Drugs no longer on the market

If a patient has a specific allergy and that ingredient must be removed - these may include - lactose, preservatives, gluten, corn, sugar, dyes, alcohol, soy

Making a medication easier to use - flavor, easier to swallow, greater or less concentrated, topical application, lollipop form

Able to make alternative dosage forms- cream or gel, suppository, lollipop, capsule, troches, enemas