Allergy-friendly medicine near you at a compounding pharmacy in Dayton, Ohio.

Allergy-Friendly Medicine Near You

Topical and ingested medications

Allergy medication mixtures should help not add to the problem.

Some people are sensitive to commonly used bases for medications. A compounding pharmacist is a great resource to help patients who require allergy-friendly medications. They are able to create a personalized medication free of the ingredient(s) that cause issues for an individual patient. Often, inactive ingredients, or excipients, found in manufactured products can cause problems in sensitive or allergic patients. Often, these ingredients may include lactose, preservatives, dyes, gluten, corn, sugar, soy, coconut, glycerin and egg. A compounding pharmacist can check to determine if any derivative of an allergen is present as well as that individual ingredient. They are also a good resource to check manufactured products and make recommendations for products that are allergen-friendly as well.  There is allergy-friendly medicine near you with mixtures to meet your needs.