Scar treatment medications at a compounding pharmacy in Dayton, Ohio.

Scar Treatment

Treatments appropriate for old scars or new scars

Scars may reflect life's events - good or bad - but they don't have to be permanent or define us. Good scar treatment is possible.

A compounding pharmacist is a great resource to help with scar therapy. Treatment is appropriate for old scars or new scars. We are able to combine different active ingredients together or no active ingredients at all in our base created specifically for scar formulations and scar prevention. We formulate this type of therapy free of gluten, casein, dye, parabens and other allergens.

Ideal for all types of scar tissue including:

  • new scars
  • old scars
  • surgical scars
  • keloids
  • stretch marks
  • hyper pigmented scars
  • burns
  • acne scars
  • any skin condition that would benefit from barrier protection